19th Jul 2021

19th July Update

It feels like a new dawn is upon us, with many feeling a huge weight has been lifted following today’s easing of restrictions – particularly for our hospitality friends and family who have worked so hard to keep everyone safe and happy during the past 18 months.

As you know, the safety of our customers and team has always been the highest priority, and we feel it is important for us to be mindful of this whilst appreciating the lifting of restrictions at the same time.

We will continue to use our wonderful, heated, and more importantly – ventilated Pavilion as our main restaurant. We have had such great feedback following this investment, and will definitely enjoy seeing your smiles outside, particularly in this beautiful Summer weather.

Of course, our high standards of cleanliness throughout will continue, sanitising tables and high contact surfaces frequently to make your visit with us as safe as possible.

Our team will still be wearing masks inside for your (and their) safety, however whether or not you choose to wear one is entirely up to you. We will respect your choice to do so, and ask that others do the same.

As a team, we’re looking forward to a busy Summer ahead, but please ask that you be patient with us – as you will no doubt know, the hospitality industry is collectively struggling to fill it’s vacancies, and we too are in that boat, and our team are currently working harder than ever.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us through some of the toughest times we have ever experienced – we couldn’t, and wouldn’t have survived without you.

This is a great day, and a huge step forward for our industry – and the country, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Please tag us in your photos so we can share the love!

Team Church Green x